Notes from the 19 April Parish Council Meeting

Present:  Mary Kay Smith, Kerrie Wiese, Joann Newton, Greg Coons, Bill Turri, Ann McLarnan, Brian Garber

No February or March Financial Reports available yet for review

Council again began its meeting by discussing long term goals taking a “big picture” approach to the parish and our property. 
  A]  Though the survey results suggest that there is not a strong sense that we need to undertake immediate expansion,
it was decided that we do a few things with our eyes to the future. 1) We will look into ways to be more creative with our space planning
in the nave including pew placement. 2. Look into hiring an architect to advise on ways we can optimize our current space as well as ways to
increase our classroom size through potential expansion.3. Purchase more chairs for the fellowship hall.    B] We have received a
partial proposal by our current landscaping company regarding future care for our property. We await his final bid. C]   Council
has hired a company for an official title search to see if the county or township have any easements or plans for use of any portion of our property.
 We await the results D]  Council will revisit the lighting project in the nave using the current restricted funds in the icon project
as a potential budget.

As part of the long term planning, Council discussed issues it might want to discuss with our Bishop Paul when he visits the parish
November 4-6.  These include the council’s role in working with the bishop for getting a new priest, when that time comes. 
  This discussion includes the parish defining what is it that makes St. Paul’s to be the community it is. 
Fr. Ted will speak with Bishop Paul regarding his wishes for the weekend before we solidify plans.

The Sunday school will be assembling their Pascha baskets. The children have had an active role in the creation
of the baskets. A future idea of the involvement of the youth in charitable works include a partnership with Sandy Pacak and
the "Blankets of Blessings" program in making fleece blankets for our graduating seniors. 

Council discussed Fr. Ted’s medical fund with an eye to budget planning for this next year. 

The Elizabeth New Life Center mobile unit visit is tentatively rescheduled for Sunday, May 15
 to discuss the work they do for women and for crisis pregnancies. 


The Parish Feast Day is being planned for Tuesday evening, June 28.  We will extend invitations
to the other area Orthodox parishes to join us as we honor our Patron St. Paul. We will be holding a potluck “heavy appetizer” event
and are asking parishioners to bring in foods from the countries visited by St. Paul in his ministries, as we did during our
“Year of St. Paul” festivities marking our 30th Anniversary. Sign-up sheets will be made with further direction. We also will
hold outdoor activities including patio games and a bonfire. We hope to make this a fun event to celebrate our Patron St. Paul,
upon which we can build yearly.


A social outing to the Dragon’s baseball game is planned for Saturday, July 16 at 7pm.
  Details will be announced to the parish, but tickets do need to be paid for in advance.  A maximum of 70 tickets
will be available. A canoe trip is also being proposed. An Icon Festival, similar to one we sponsored several year ago
is now planned for October 14-16.  Mark Stokoe will be helping plan this event.  Volunteer opportunities will be announced
during the course of the summer.  This event will be open to the public.


The 2016-2017 school year will be kicked off with the Annual Picnic on Sunday, September 11

Notes from the 23 May Parish Council Meeting

Present: Fr. Ted, Dn. Steve, Mary Kay Smith, Kerrie Wiese, Bill Turri, Ann McLarnan, Brian Garber


YTD Parish Financial Report as of 31 March 2016

Income                                 $  73,916.75

Expenses                             $  59,561.64

Budget                                 $  64,995.75

Assets                                   $248,570.19


Treasurer Kerri Wiese reports donations to the parish are up over last year so that parish is currently in good financial health.   It was noted that a price increase in the donuts has occurred – for those donating donuts, the cost is now $40/week. 

The Memorial Garden Project has been approved to begin construction.  There appears to be sufficient funds for the project.

Fr. Ted’s health insurance was discussed especially regarding having adequate coverage to meet his medical expenses.   Council approved Prestige Landscape to expand its mowing of the church grounds, with the work to be evaluated over the summer.  Council plans to purchase additional folding chairs for the Fellowship Hall before autumn.  Bishop Paul will be visiting our parish November 4-6: plans are being formulated for his visit.  Church school year will end with an ice cream social on June 5.  The plans for the Parish Feast Day Celebration on Tuesday, June 28 are underway – Annunciation Greek Churc h is being invited to our celebration.  A parish social event at the Dayton Dragons baseball game is planned for July 16:   money for tickets must be in by June 12.   The Parish picnic and beginning of the church school year will be September 11.   Our parish will host an Icon Exhibit open to the public October 14-16. 



Present:  Fr. Ted, Mary Kay Smith, Kerrie Wiese, Joanna Newton, Brian Garber, Ann McLarnan, Bill Turri


                      YTD FINANCIAL REPORT AS OF 4/30/2016

                  Income                                                          $ 93,897.16

                 Expenses                                                       $ 78,505.81

                 Budget                                                           $ 86,661.00

                 Assets                                                            $251,269.39


The financial picture of the parish is that we are on track to have a similar year as last year.  We continue to stay within the budget.

1)      The patio portion of the parish memorial garden has been built, but the memorial bricks are not yet in place.
  Once the bricks are in place, we will have a clear sense of the project’s financial status and what monies are left to work on the botanical portion of the
memorial garden. 
2) The Risk Committee is meeting on a regular basis and continues to update our parish policies to keep them conforming
to OCA standards.
  Council has approved the removal of the two trees on the property along Wagner Road, and also other tree trimming work.
  4)  Council has approved some additional work for the landscapers involving mowing and maintaining the property.

  Dn. Steve is retiring from his employment in the area and has accepted the Church’s call to return to seminary,
to complete his education and to seek ordination as a priest.  His plan is to serve in the Diocese of Western Pennsylvania after finishing seminary
in 2017.  The parish will have a special potluck lunch to honor him on Sunday, July 31, following the Divine Liturgy.  Dn. Steve’s last Sunday with
us will be August 21. 
 6)  There will be three vacancies on Parish Council this fall.  We need to recruit three parish members
to serve on the Council.  Leaving the Council this year are Mary Kay Smith, Greg Coons and Joanna Newton.  Members can suggest
candidate names to Fr. Ted or to any current Parish Council member.
  With the departure of Dn. Steve, we will be
working on preparing some men for possible ordination as deacons.  Four parish men have volunteered to be in the Diaconate
training program:  Dave Abshear, Mark Caldwell, Greg Coons, and Victor Weis.  While not all will be ordained, all have expressed
the willingness to prepare themselves to possibly serve as deacons.
  8)  We need more volunteers to help count the money each
Sunday.  9) The Parish Photo Directory project will activate in August, when we begin taking photographs of all parish members/families.
  Joanna Newton is helping oversee the project.  10)  We will be in need of more volunteers to teach and help in the parish church school.

  11)  Our Parish Feast Day celebration is planned for Tuesday evening, June 28 with Vespers followed by a potluck meal.  We have invited Annunciation
Greek Church to join us in this celebration.   12)  About 40 people signed up to attend the Dayton Dragon’s baseball game on July 16.

  13)  An Icon Exhibition entitled, “Mary and the Saints”  is set for October 14-16.  14)  Bishop Paul will be at our parish November 4-6
for his archpastoral visit.   15)  Next Parish Council meeting is Monday, August 8.  Council will begin planning for the 2017 Parish Budget during
the following months.