St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church

Dayton, Ohio

I'm thinking of joining the church...

If you're thinking about being received into Orthodoxy, speak with Fr. Ted about the Introduction to Orthodoxy class offered to inquirers.

As you become more certain of your intention to join the Holy Orthodox Church you will become a Catechumen during a short service before a Sunday Divine Liturgy.

You will continue to study, choose a sponsor and plan a date to be received into the church. You'll go to confession for the first time.

The service of reception itself will include Baptism by immersion (if you have not previously been baptized in the name of the Trinity,) and Chrismation (anointing with Holy Oil) as you declare your intention to join and remain in the Orthodox Faith. Finally you will receive Holy Communion for the first time.

Six months after reception into Orthodoxy you will be able to vote at the annual meeting and to run for parish office; after one year you may volunteer to work with children and youth, after the prescribed screening and training.