St. Paul's is a family-friendly, all-in-English parish of the Orthodox Church in AmericaDiocese of the Midwest.

If you are new to the area, looking for a church home, interested in the Orthodox Church or just beginning your exploration, you will find a warm welcome here.

Your First Visit

+ Greeters at the door can answer your questions and show you where to go.

+ Many at St Paul's have come to Orthodoxy from other traditions. We remember making that first visit ourselves and would love to help you find your way around.


+ Our children stay with us in the service - yours are most welcome.

Please plan to join us after the service for Fellowship Hour, a light meal free to all

Life of the Parish

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Tuesday May 26

Worshiping Together

While at Home

Although we are staying in our separate homes for the common good, we are still gathering online as a community to worship God and pray for the world. We encourage you to join us!

Morning Prayers: 8 AM  T W  

Saturday Vespers: 5 PM

Sunday Divine Liturgy  9:30 AM

Akathist  9 AM Friday 

Also this week:  

Vespers for Leave-taking

of Pascha  7:00 PM Tues.

Vespers for Ascension 7 PM Wed

Divine Liturgy  for Ascension

9 AM Thurs

All are live on Facebook and archived on YouTube.

Resources for Home

Plans for Gradual Parish Reopening

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Christ is risen!
It has been over a month since we’ve had regular services at St. Paul’s. To say the least, it hasn’t been easy. Not only were we not able to celebrate Pascha normally this year, we haven’t been able to liturgize as we should in one place, receiving communion, and lifting our voices in songs of praise to God. All of us, I’m sure, are wondering when we can return to a normal liturgical rhythm in our lives again.
Just this week we received encouraging news. Bishop Paul gave us his blessing to begin the process of returning to normal liturgical life. The flood gates haven’t lifted. But it’s a trickle, and it’s where we have to start. The processes will be slow and gradual, and done under Bp. Paul’s supervision in accordance with his guidelines. Everyone’s health and salvation are of primary importance!
All services at St. Paul’s now are open to ten people. This number includes both clergy and singers, so for Sunday liturgies only six parishioners will be able to attend. If the virus infection rate and flu-like symptoms in the Dayton area continue to decline as they have been, then there’s no reason that, over time, we can’t begin to add more and more people to services. This will all take time and we have to be patient.
As we move forward through this reopening process, there are many things to think about and many questions to ask. The parish council, together with me and with his Grace’s guidance and blessing, have tried to address all these questions and concerns. Below I will try to elaborate on the most pressing and necessary things about this process and what to expect when you come to church.
- Bishop Paul has blessed us to have a normal schedule of services starting now. This not only includes the normal liturgical cycle, but also confessions, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. The number of people at each service will be limited, though (right now it’s ten as I mentioned above). I’m optimistic that, with Bishop Paul’s blessing, we can augment this number in the coming weeks.

1. There are two ways you will be able to attend services.
Sunday Divine Liturgy will have rotating groups
all other services will have a signup sheet
For the next six Sundays we’ve assigned people, at random. If you are part of one of these groups, we will contact you to let you know. If you’re not contacted over the next week or so, please be patient. Over time everyone will be given the opportunity to attend a Sunday liturgy. In addition to Sunday liturgies, there will also be weekday liturgies or Typika on Thursdays and some Saturdays. Attendance for these eucharistic services will be managed on a signup basis. We ask that you only signup for one service every four weeks. There will be more information about when these services will be and how to sign up for them in the coming days. For any services outside our normal schedule (confessions, baptisms etc.), please contact me.

For any services outside our normal schedule (confessions, baptisms etc.) please contact me.

I want to emphasize that no one is obliged to sign up for a service or attend a Sunday Divine Liturgy. If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable coming to church you are encouraged and have a blessing to stay home. I only ask that if you don’t come, please let us know so that we can adjust Sunday’s rotating groups accordingly.

2. St. Paul’s was thoroughly cleaned while the church was closed, so everyone should feel safe entering. After each service, a team of people will disinfect all surfaces (door handles, tables, pews, etc.). We ask that people refrain from touching surfaces unnecessarily. The kitchen, classrooms, hall (except for a designated path to the men’s bathroom) and library will be closed. All doors inside the church will be open and a docent will open the main door for you when you arrive.

3. We’re asking that all people who come to church wear a mask. We are not requiring this, but to quote Bishop Paul, we “strongly recommend” that you wear a mask. Of course, small children are not required to wear a mask. We’re also requiring that people practice social distancing while at church and stay six feet apart. The only exception to this is families.

4. Bishop Paul has blessed communion to be distributed on individual spoons. These spoons will be sterilized before each liturgy. Clergy will wear masks and communicants will maintain six feet distance between each other. At each liturgy I will review the communion process right before distribution to help avoid any confusion. The eucharist has always been a serious matter of the Church, and it will be distributed reverently and orderly, and with the utmost care and respect.
Please, if you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact me or one of the church council members. I think it’s very easy to look at all these guidelines and restrictions and see them as, well, restricting. I sincerely believe and pray that all of this is for our safety and to our benefit. It’s only through struggles that we can understand true joy. To paraphrase our patron saint, we find our freedom not in any secular or administrative affirmation of it, but in Christ and him crucified.
With love in the risen Lord,

Fr Gregory


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